Home Protection Tips

Protecting your home is very important, below is a list of this of this a home owner can check during the year to stay on top of areas of concern.

(Winter time)

1. When it starts getting cold out, close your crawl space vents.This can help keep floors warmer during winter.

2. Ensure you disconnect your garden hoses from your house to prevent damage from freezing.

3. Placing an insulated cover over your hose faucet will help prevent freezing as well.

4. Check windows and doors for proper seal. This will help you save money during the cold months.

5. Ensure your homes filters are clean and or replaced often, this is also a big help.

6. Check crawl space HVAC duct work for proper connection, you dont want to heat your crawl space in the winter.

(Spring time)

1. Check your crawl space often for signs of moisture, high amount of moisture can cause mold and other growth under your home.

2. While you are in your crawl space, check for signs of leaks. Catching a leak early can save you a lot of money if you catch it early.

3. Open your crawl space vents, this allows fresh air to enter your crawl space and also helps dry out moisture that is created from normal conditions such as air conditioner operation.

4. Clean out your gutters, this allows proper water flow and prevents damage to your home.

5. Check your down spouts for proper connection and water flow.

6. Ensure your gutter blocks are placed in a manner that prevents damage to the ground. Such as creating holes in the soil from constant contact with the flow of water.

(Here are some pictures of areas to check out often on your home.)


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